School Dances

school dance fun

Whatever size event you have in mind IceBurgh DJ will make it ROCK! Any size dance, from 40 to 400 or more, at the school or a hotel/venue. Any age from K through College I’ve got the Music kids want to dance to!

Success is….
What makes a successful dance?
Attendance and happy kids!
I can help with promoting the dance with free posters
and I can make the kids happy so they’ll come back to the next dance too! –

No Hassles!
As a former school employee I have the skills and
experience to eliminate the hassles.
Clean music, student management, background clearances, fully insured, 15 years experience.

Basic Dance   $300

If you are on a tight budget IceBurgh DJ can help!
Lets do a weeknight with basic dance lighting and up to 200 kids and up to 3 hours.

Regular School Dance   $400

Up to 450 kids, 3-4 hours, standard lighting, weekends are great too!

Formal School Dance   $550

It need not truly be a formal dance of course, but includes the Full Lighting setup and 4 hours!
Lasers, moving heads, black lights and more! (Need a 12’ or higher ceiling)

Prom!    $850

Up to 450 kids, Full Lighting, Glow Party for an hour, dinner music, Up-lighting too!
Games/contests with prizes, up to 8 hours of Fun!

All packages can be customized!

How to have a Successful Event

First, you need attendance. My Free Posters will help promote the dance to the kids!

Food – give them some refreshments!

Usually schools don’t charge you for custodians if you have a weeknight dance!

If you have several dances during the year and promote them well, have a DJ the kids know will play what they want and give a great light show, you can raise funds during the year from the dances to make your Prom even better!

I’ve become known in the area for bring the fun and that helps attendance too!

The Details About Dances

Yes, the kids WILL dance when I play at your school. Guaranteed!

I play clean music – lyrics wise that means no “f” and no “n”. If you want more restrictions I can do that, but it’s best if you let me know in advance what they are.

I try to tailor the content and songs to the age of the kids.

I would like a request list from you 2 weeks before the dance. “HOT” songs change often and from school to school. Also, kids often request songs that are not clean and playable, so with the list I can preview the songs, find clean versions or edit them as needed.

I have a $2 million insurance policy from Erie. If I damage anything (doors, gym floors, etc) or if your hotel/venue requires insurance I’ve got it!
I have all my background checks and clearances, the same as every teacher and coach.

I need 60-90 minutes setup time for a standard lighting dance and only 1 regular electric outlet.
I need 2 to 2.5 hours for the Full Lighting setup.
Tear down after the dance takes 45 minutes for standard, and 90 for Full Lighting.

I do not use Strobes – some folks have seizure disorders so it’s safer for everyone.

I do not do fog, smoke or haze as it can set off fire alarms which really dampens the party.