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Ice Burgh DJ

Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Burgh DJ

                         What Music do you play?
I play a wide range of music so that everyone enjoys themselves. As the evening progresses the music moves toward what you and your friends want to hear the most. In addition, I can go online during your reception and get any requests your guests may have!

                                What equipment do you use?

My front line equipment is Yamaha and EV and constantly updated, less than 2 years old as I write this- which means it’s state of the art and reliable. I have many systems and bring what is appropriate for your wedding size, venue and music style.

I have systems from 350 watts to over 6,000 watts that can literally shake things loose in a building. I have the ability to set up tents and bring generator power so I can play where ever your party is!
But I don't play so loud that your ears will be ringing the next day. Nobody enjoys the music if it’s so loud it hurts.

                      What can you tell me about your dance lighting?
My dance lighting is computer controlled via DMX and changes during the evening.

For the bridal and parent dances it’s white - looks much better in your pictures that way.
For slow dances I’ll slow it down, for most dancing it’s in time with the beat of the music. It can be customized to your colors for washes and effects as well.

Almost all of the lighting is LED- low power draw so we can have reliable lights at any event!

                                               What if?

In over 10 years of working weddings and events I’ve never missed an event and never been late either. I have associates that can fill in should the unthinkable happen.

A wedding reception is a live performance so I come prepared with backups - a second system, multiple laptops, extra cords, mics and more.

                                 A few more details you may find useful

I am  fully insured (some venues require this) so you won’t pay for anything we might screw up.
I am full time - no chance my  "day job" boss will send me to Peoria and leave you without a DJ!