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Ice Burgh DJ


Ice Burgh DJ

Wedding Reception

Ice Burgh DJ

With over 10 years in the wedding industry I know what makes for a great reception, what gets people on the dance floor and how to pace and evening to keep the party going!

Included for your reception:

Unlimited Planning assistance

Customized and Personalized Music

Wireless Microphone for toasts and blessing

Master Of Ceremonies and Announcements Included
Must Play / Do Not Play lists
Choice of our Booth Appearance
Backup equipment on-site, Fully Insured
Sub Woofer for that dance club feel
Dance Lighting for that fun party atmosphere

Assistance with planning too!
What events do you want (or not want)?
Anniversary Dance?
Bridal Party Dance?
Dollar/Money Dance?
Special Dances for friends, in memoriam, etc?
Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey or not?

Must Play / Do Not Play lists
Cocktail and Dinner Music Styles

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We play a wide variety of songs so everyone will enjoy their time at your reception.

Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Country, Pop, Rock, Dance music and Hip Hop too.

We can of course personalize this to your style and tastes.

Dance lighting is included!
We use white light on the floor for your First Dance so that you get better pictures from your photographer

During open dancing we add color, motion, lights moving to the beat of the music -  We Bring Excitement!

White lighting for your first dance, parent dances. Makes for nice photos!
Scrims on the speaker stands is optional, no cost. Can be in your colors!